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How to Capture Amazing Boomerang Videos

16.11.2017 0 kristia erasquin
How to Capture Amazing Boomerang Videos

You may have been wanting to revamp your Facebook timeline or your IG Stories but found that your usual selfies and typical travel pictures are lacking. You might be in need of a different approach to photo-sharing and what could be better than sharing moving pictures instead of stills!

Boomerang is an interesting app for creating these moving pictures, and you can download it for free on your iPhone. Basically, what it does is that it takes ten consecutive shots at very short intervals and plays them into a rapid one-second video. The result? An extraordinary loop of moving images that play forwards then backwards.

So if you're interested in creating unique and impressive images or clips, or you just want to be better at photo or video sharing, read on. Below are tips on how you can record and edit your Boomerang videos the right way. We also provided actual examples of how you can use these tips when creating your own videos.

Capture entertaining action

Tip: A way to pique the interest of your followers through your Boomerang videos is showing them something entertaining. It could be a funny, imaginative, or action-packed clip, and you may choose to make the video grand or simple. Whatever your choice, the important thing is to make sure that you capture action that has two characteristics:

    • movement that's easily distinguishable and not repetitive
    • activity that escalates into something surprising

What it does to your video: The first tip in choosing which action you should feature will help your viewers figure out what you want them to see in your video. If you're the subject of the video, don't move in repeated fashion; let Boomerang do the looping for you. This will allow you to avoid showing your viewers a clip with rapid and confusing movement.

Also, placing a climactic action makes the Boomerang interesting for your audience by keeping them unsuspecting until the climax of your video. Ideally, you should start your clip from a neutral position, then strike a pose or reveal the action.

Try this: You may opt for a simple movement like making funny faces or popping up on screen, or you may wish to capture big actions like your best dance moves or giant beach waves. Just make sure to capture the stunt once only.

Make a story out of your video

Tip: Boomerang videos are not just about action, they are supposed to tell mini-stories that will show your friends and followers how your day went. To make this happen, try capturing a lot of movement in your clip. Do not confuse this with repeating the action in your video; just increase the number of persons moving in the clip and make sure each makes their gesture only once.

What it does to your video: You add complexity to your Boomerang when you have more things going on in the video. Through this, you can weave a story from all of the various activities that are happening, and this keeps your video from becoming dull and flat.

Try this: Record a jump shot of your friends, or video a friend at a busy festival.

Shoot at the right moment

Tip: When you've chosen the right kind of action for your video, timing the shot will create an enormous impact on your Boomerang. Start recording before any action happens and make sure to capture the highlight towards the end.

What it does to your video: Timing builds action toward a climax on your Boomerang. It helps build-up action to a surprising moment which will later amplify the effect of Boomerang’s playback options.

Try this: Have a friend slide down a children's tunnel slide and time the end of the shot as s/he comes down from it. It will startle your followers not only because of the huge person that appears from the tunnel but also because of the perfect timing of your shot.

Add dynamics to your video

Tip: Another way that you can make a better Boomerang video is to make it more dynamic by adding extra details like the following:

    • different kinds of action happening at the same time
    • variations in the timing of multiple actions that escalates into a climax
    • a unique camera perspective

What it does to your video: These details allow you to incorporate a creative element in your Boomerang making it aesthetically pleasing and artistic, such as when you use a unique camera perspective. The variety of activities happening in the clip as well as the escalating timing of movements will also help develop the climax of your story and make the video more exciting.

Try this: Video some wind turbines in the background as your friend cartwheels to the opposite direction of the turbines’ rotation. You can also shoot an optical illusion video of a close-up of your finger flicking your friend while he/she stands from afar for a unique perspective. You may also try capturing inbound traffic while in a moving car to create a beautiful and bizarre clip.

Choose a suitable playback option

Tip: Boomerang for your iPhone offers different kinds of playback options to help you properly edit your video. You can do this by going to the hidden menu, accessed by tapping the screen four times with four fingers simultaneously. Now, you must choose the right loop option depending on the kind of moment that you captured and the type of effect that you want to achieve:

    • choose forward-backwards or forward-backwards-pause playback to give more emphasis on the climax
    • select backward playback to to create a surreal impact
    • pick forward playback to make an infinite loop

What it does to your video: The way Boomerang loops the video determines why the highlight of your action is staged and recorded at the end of the clip. The playback works like this: it plays forward then rewinds as the video ends. So, it effectively highlights the climax, if you have correctly recorded it at the last part. And whichever kind of loop you choose, it will make your Boomerang captivating then extend the attention span of your viewer and keep their eyes glued on the loop.

Try this: By default, you may try recording a ballet twirl that ends in a big graceful jump. Boomerang will reverse from the jump, with or without a pause in between, to emphasise that part. If you're at a pool party, you can try to video your friends as they fall into the pool and make them levitate back to the poolside through a backward playback.

For a forward playback, you may shoot a selfie starting from your resting face to a smile then back to your resting face. Allot more time for your smile to emphasise it as the climax as well as to make the gesture and the loop seamless.  Boomerang will weave together the start and the ending of the video to make it look the same.

Keep your shot steady

Tip:  A common mistake when making Boomerang videos is a shaky shot which happens when you hold the camera or follow the movement with the camera. To avoid this error, you can do the following:

    • use a tripod or monopod
    • frame everything in one shot

What it does to your video: Shaking and any other motion aside from the action featured in your Boomerang will make your video hard to watch. Any unnecessary shake will make the clip nauseating, so keeping the shot as steady as possible will help make your Boomerang easy on the eyes. Ultimately, it will allow your audience to focus on the story and enjoy your video.

Try this: The general rule is never to follow the action with the camera. Use a monopod or tripod for selfies or usies, and make sure you hold it steady and far enough to capture everyone or everything that’s going on.

If you’re not sure if you can keep the camera steady or you don’t have any another equipment, it’s better to put the camera down than to hold it. You can use the ground or an elevated surface depending on the perspective that you want to capture.

We hope you've picked up useful tips to help you create fantastic Boomerang videos. If you do Boomerang videos right, you're guaranteed to have interesting Facebook and IG feeds to amaze your followers and friends!

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