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Embarassing Autocorrect Fails You Wouldn't Wish on Your Worst Enemy

20.09.2017 0 josiah erasquin
Embarassing Autocorrect Fails You Wouldn't Wish on Your Worst Enemy

So… autocorrect.

For years now, the autocorrect menace has terrorized many smartphone users and left many a young millennial with permanent PTSD.

Who knows how many people have been fired from their jobs just because they misspelled “penicillin” on a text to their bosses and their phone decided to “correct” it? How many sons and daughters have been estranged from their parents because their iPhones just keep replacing “marrying” with “mutilating” when they’re trying to say they’re tying the knot by text?

Seriously though, autocorrect fails are awesome as heck! And with the world and the economy in the toilet, a few funny fails are just about what everyone needs. To brighten your day, we’ve compiled a list of the most embarrassing autocorrect fails found online. Guffaw to your heart’s content.

1. Secret Ingredient: African Americans

secret ingredient black people autocorrect fail

2. Oops... Wrong Colour

wrong colour chocolate shart autocorrect fail

3. Those Thugs Ain't Living the Thug Life

pee on thugs autocorrect fail

4. When You're the Last To Know You're Actually Gay

coming out gay autocorrect fail

5. R.I.P. Bro...

 baby abby autocorrect fail

6. But Mom's White, Though...

chocolate coochie autocorrect fail

7. How Did He Know "Suzy" Was Inflatable? 

inflate your girlfriend autocorrect fail

8. Well, Coffee IS Good for Your Colon

coffee shitters autocorrect fail

9. No, I Don't Think That Counts as Biracial

mexican american autocorrect fail

10. Grave, Garage – Totally Interchangeable

grandma grave garage autocorrect fail

11. That Explains Everythingmigraine nigerian autocorrect fail

12. Did Nazi That Coming

nazi ball soup autocorrect fail

13. I'm Curious What its Sky-Signal Would Be

batman breastmilk autocorrect fail

14. "Ridiculous Auto Cat Rectal" XD

ridiculous cat rectal autocorrect fail

15. Do You Eat Those With Hummus?

marshmallow rabbis autocorrect fail

16. Talk About an Emotional Rollercoaster

disney divorce autocorrect fail

17. It Cost Him His Soul

deli devil corndog autocorrect fail

18. Is This One of Them Artsy Feminist Things? 

period red blood autocorrect fail

19. Time to Hit The Gym Bro

manboobs autocorrect fail

20. So They Renamed S.S. Ebola After All...

crapribbons autocorrect fail

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