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10 Most Popular iPhone Games of 2017

21.06.2017 0 josiah erasquin
10 Most Popular iPhone Games of 2017

It’s 2017, and by now you know that when somebody says “iPhone”, they don’t just mean a quality phone with neat features. They also mean a very decent gaming platform with heaps of fun and cool games that’ll keep you hooked! But it might take you some time to browse the App Store for a game you’re interested in, so we compiled a list of the 10 most popular iPhone games to hit the brand this year!

1. Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is the much anticipated sequel to the iPhone game Injustice: Gods Among Us, a very popular fighting game featuring characters from the DC universe. Injustice 2 features a fresh batch of characters, as well as the return of your old-time favourite heroes and villains – all ready for some classic DC-styled beat down a la your playstyle. Play as Gal Gadot, the Joker, or one of the host of other DC characters in an epic quest to either save or destroy the world. It’s like Batman v. Superman without all the bad bromance. Cue Lady Gaga.

2. Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders

If you grew up in the 80s, chances are you got to play Arkanoid and Space Invaders in an arcade somewhere. Flash forward to 2017, you have both titles in a single game in a familiar but totally novel format – and you don’t even have to find an arcade to play it! Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders features elements from both iconic games and takes them to a whole other level. Play as the Arkanoid “Vaus” and battle against the evil alien horde and protect the galaxy. If you’re looking from a refreshing blast from the past, or just something to scratch your gaming itch with, this iPhone game is a distraction that’s truly worth your time. 

3. The Battle of Polytopia

Think Age of Empires crossed with your geometry textbook. The Battle of Polytopia is the hot new civilization game taking the iOS world by storm! If you’re not familiar with civ games, this iPhone game serves as a worthy introduction. Build majestic, polygonal cities and train your isometric army for world conquest. Challenge yourself through the game’s multiple modes and test your strategic prowess. It takes the classic civ game charm and condenses it to fit on your iPhone screen. It’s the perfect iPhone game for when you want to think AND kill time.

4. Typeshift

Here’s a word puzzle game you haven’t played before. Typeshift is a new word game designed by game master Zach Gage. Your goal is to move around the brown blocks to form familiar words until all the blocks turn blue. That’s about it. It’s a fairly simple concept with intuitive controls and in-game rules. Apparently, that’s enough to make it popular enough to count on this iPhone games list. But if you know anything about Zach Gage and word puzzle games, that’s hardly anything surprising.

5. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

FUS RO DAH! And yes, if you’re not careful, this game will push you into a pit of addiction you can never climb out of. Antiquated memes aside, The Elder Scrolls: Legends has been all the rage since it came out. Legends is a strategy card game that hosts characters and lore from the Elder Scrolls series of games. Strengthen your deck and collect powerful allies as you duke it out with other players on this massively multiplayer online game. It’s a game that long-time fans of the franchise are sure to appreciate. But this iPhone game is designed well enough that players unfamiliar with the lore can still enjoy an engaging card game experience.

6. Milkmaid of the Milky Way

Are you into interplanetary travel, 8-bit graphics, and… milk? Then Milkmaid of the Milky Way is exactly what you’re looking for. Milkmaid of the Milky Way is a classic point-and-click adventure iPhone game that features – you guessed it – a Norwegian milkmaid from the 1920s. Join Ruth in her quest to save her cows, and embark on an exciting journey marked by puzzles, great storytelling, and heaps upon heaps of milk references. 

7. Fire Emblem Heroes

Yes, another card game found its way on this list. This is not your ordinary card game, however. Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile spin-off from one of Nintendo’s more popular franchises, Fire Emblem. If you’ve played Super Smash Brothers at some point of your life – and who hasn’t? – then you’re probably familiar with some of the characters from this hit franchise. Featuring the gorgeous art of Yusuke Kozaki, this iPhone game not only offers hours upon hours of quality gameplay, it’s also a real treat to the eyes.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy TTG

No, this is not the third film instalment. But it does offer an engaging storyline revolving around Marvel’s most-beloved team of heroes. Guardians of the Galaxy TTG is the lovechild between Marvel’s wit and Telltale, Inc.’s unique comic-styled story-focused games. This release features the first episode of a trilogy of iPhone games under this title. Join Star Lord and the rest of the merry gang as they set off on another exciting quest to save the galaxy. P.S. Groot is the coolest.

9. Hidden Folks

If you loved Where’s Wally? as a kid, then you’re bound to love this gem of a game. Hidden Folks is a hidden object game that’s all about finding… uh, hidden folks. You will be given a set of images to find within a particular “map”, where you have to sort through a jungle of still and animated objects designed to keep you from finding whatever it is you’re looking for. This interactive iPhone game definitely deserves its place on this list, so if you’re in need of a good Where’s Wally-substitute, this game is for you. Keep your eyes peeled! 

10. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME! If you’re an adult past twenty, you probably said that as a kid at least once. Everyone wanted to become the ranger they thought was the coolest. And now you’re given a chance to live that dream with Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Defeat the baddies Power Rangers-style with fists, guns, and giant robots in this new beat ‘em up versus game! Play as your favourite rangers and test your mettle against friends and foes alike in this action-packed iPhone game that would thrill you from beginning to end. 

We hope you enjoyed reading through our list of the 10 Most Popular iPhone Games of 2017. Have you played any of these awesome titles yet? If you haven’t, be sure to get them on your iPhone. It’ll be a blast.

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