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10 iPhone Hacks You Don’t Know About

27.07.2017 0 josiah erasquin
10 iPhone Hacks You Don’t Know About

If you must learn anything from this decade, it’s that l33t h4xx0rz rule. In a world dominated by mobile tech and smart gadgets—(we’re getting closer and closer to Skynet, people!)—it’s nifty to have a few tricks up your sleeves to make your life easier. So before smartphones become smart enough to become our sentient overlords, we’ll teach you a few iPhone hacks you probably don’t know that will make you a true iPhone master in just a few swipes and presses—no programming involved!

Adjust your Flashlight’s Brightness


We all know how important your iPhone’s flashlight is. But sometimes you want mood lighting, not a high-intensity floodlight. You can actually adjust your flashlight’s brightness by holding down the flashlight app icon, and selecting your preferred brightness level. Try this iPhone hack on your next “candlelight” dinner. Or the next time you attend your local vampire gathering.

Quicker Charging


Don’t worry if your iPhone doesn’t have a quick charging feature. You can simply lessen the strain on your iPhone’s battery and have it fill up juice quicker by enabling Flight Safe mode. This mode disables your iPhone’s Wi-Fi and data, which routinely use up your charge to connect you to the interwebs. This iPhone hack actually gives you as much as 4% more charge every half hour—not a bad rate, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Shake to Undo


If your bad case of “stubby-finger-itis” impedes your keypad-typing abilities on your device, here’s an iPhone hack you’ll want to remember. When you want to delete a recently mistyped word or sentence, give your iPhone a good old-fashioned shaking. A pop-up should appear asking if you want to “undo” the last thing/s you typed. It’s a much better way than holding down the blasted backspace button each and every time your iPhone autocorrects your misspelled “Tupperware™” to “underwear”.


Spy on Your iPhone… Kinda

Welcome to 2017, when studies show that iPhones are everyone’s new best friend. But we say this best friend is nosier than your average human BFF. You’d be surprised to know what your iPhone knows about you just by keeping regular track of all your activities. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations and see a detailed record of all the places you’ve been, and how long you’ve been there. Creepy…

Doing Some Carpentry? Use your iPhone


Bubble levels aren’t really that expensive. But who needs cheap if you have FREE? That’s right—you may not know it but you have a bubble level sitting snug in your pockets at this very moment (assuming you own an iPhone)! Simply go to the compass app and swipe left—yes, the compass app is that ugly—and you’ll be brought to your very own digital bubble level. Use this iPhone hack the next time you mount something on the wall.

Know What’s Up—Literally


If you’re one of those chem trail conspiracy theorists—or just morbidly curious by nature—you may want to check this iPhone hack for yourself. Make sure Siri is enabled and ask her “Planes overhead?” and get real-time info about any planes currently sailing the skies above you. Finally—something substantial to say when you’re prompted for small talk.

Old Chum: “What’s up?”

You: “Oh, Southwest Airlines Flight 287 is.”

Magnify thy Screen


Forgot your glasses at home and don’t have your spare with you? Again? Well, lucky for you there’s an iPhone hack that can help magnify whatever it is that you need to read! Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier and tap on the switch to the right to turn the feature on. Next, tap on the Home button three times and voila! You have a handy-dandy iPhone magnifier. If you’re reading in dim light, tap the “Auto-Brightness” option from the same menu.

P.S. If you’ve very bad eyesight, you might want to have someone access this feature for you first. And we don’t really advise you try this hack while driving. For obvious reasons.

Get Siri Off Her High Horse


Tired of hearing that little know-it-all Siri pronounce things incorrectly all the time? Bring her down a peg or two and correct her pronunciation like a true linguist. When she says something incorrectly, call her out and say “That’s not how you say that,” and she’ll respond with “OK, how do you pronounce ______?”, at which point she’ll give you pronunciation options you could select from. Pick the choice closest to the correct pronunciation. That’ll show her.

iPhone Hack for Easy Night Reading


You worked like a dog the entire day, and now it’s time to plop on your bed and get some well-deserved quality reading time. But the last thing you want is eyestrain when you’re supposedly relaxing, and you can bet your roomies won’t like your iPhone lit up like it’s standing in for sunshine in the middle of the night. What to do? Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap on the Invert Colours button to, uh, invert your screen’s colours. You may want to switch it back off when you have to do other things, though.

Improve your iPhone’s Signal


Tired of holding your phone high up trying to figure out where to get some sweet, sweet 4G action? You can try using your iPhone’s secret Field Test Mode to determine where the signal is. On your iPhone keypad, type *3001#12345#* and press the Call button to activate this option. You will then see numbers on the upper left portion of your screen. Those indicate the strength of your signal. Above -80, it means that you’re enjoying great signal and can probably stream your favourite Netflix shows without any hassle. For example, if you get -50, you’re doing great. But if you get anything below -120 (i.e. -121 onwards), you have poor signal and should probably find another place to get your internet fix.

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