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10 Augmented Reality Apps That Will Blow Your Mind

08.03.2018 0 kristia erasquin
10 Augmented Reality Apps That Will Blow Your Mind

Apps have become an integral part of our lives since they have made our daily routines stress-free and more interesting. These days, there are hundreds of them that you can download depending on your need, but most are just like every other app in the App Store, making them boring and unexciting. Sometimes, you just need something cooler, something creative and something more from your iPhone.

Good thing developers have come up with a way to make apps more interactive and intuitive for better user experience and enjoyment. Augmented reality or AR apps is the latest craze now because of its unique way of giving you a more true-to-life first-hand experience of the game or the app. It’s the result of overlaying virtual images into reality, which augments or enhances your real-life experience.

So if you’re looking for these apps and you’re interested in what they can do for you, you came to the right place. We have here the line-up of the best AR apps that are so practical, so helpful and so interesting that they are indeed mind-blowing. In this list, we’re highlighting their best features and unique functions that will surely make you want to try them now.

augmented reality apps pokemon go iphone pikachu lapras


Pokémon Go by Niantic, Inc.

Best feature: Pokémon Go is here to give you a first-person experience of catching and evolving your very own Pokémons using your iPhone’s camera and GPS. The app places virtual Pokémons, Pokéstops, Poké Gyms in your actual environment, just like in the video game but as seen through your iPhone’s camera.

Pokémon Go was such a hit because it was one of the first to combine player movement and virtual gaming. It encourages you to move around and travel to collect all the kinds of Pokémons located at various areas as well as to do battles, replenish Pokéballs, and gather items that you will need to catch ‘em all and evolve them.

What’s more is that Pokémon Go is an augmented reality app that transcends generations: it’s for the young ones who have grown fond of it and for the young at heart who have loved Pokémon as a child.

Free or paid: Get it for free with in-app purchases from the App Store.

augmented reality apps ingress iphone


Ingress by Niantic, Inc.

Best feature: Ingress is the predecessor of Pokémon Go, but it fuses multi-player online gaming with location tracking. It’s an augmented reality app that lets you fight virtual battles in actual places to conquer portals and defend territories with your team and win by executing the best game strategy with your buddies. It’s the ultimate AR team game that you can enjoy with your pals or your colleagues, or anyone just as long as you live in the same neighbourhood or go to the same places.

Just like Pokémon Go, this app motivates you to travel to build your strength by collecting Exotic Matter as you take a stroll or drive.  Go to different places with your friends to overthrow other teams in other areas and gain control over their territories. It’s the perfect game for those who commute or take trips together.

Free or paid: You can Ingress for free then avail of the in-app purchases if you want to.

augmented reality apps genesis augmented reality iphone


Genesis Augmented Reality by Genesis Augmented Pty Ltd

Best feature: Do you love trading card games? Genesis Augmented reality takes the likeness of these games, but it’s a unique way of bringing the fight to your actual environment as the background. Get started by downloading the pattern or ‘anchor’ called Arcanicus. You will have to print and view it with the camera within the app to bring a generic character to life.

You will be able to select warrior, creature, and deity heroes once you finish the tutorials, and it will require you to assemble an army with these characters to build your strength. The game progresses as you travel to virtual dimensions and complete every stage. You get to control the character of that universe, and you may choose to battle with friends or fight computer-generated enemies.

Free or paid: Genesis Augmented Reality is free, but it’s still in development. It may require payment and necessary in-app purchases later on.

augmented reality apps zombies go iphone


Zombies GO! Fight the Dead Walking Everywhere Augmented Reality by Useless Creations Pty Ltd

Best feature: Here’s an augmented reality app for fans of The Walking Dead. Zombies GO! augments a zombie apocalypse plot with reality by transforming your surroundings into a post-apocalyptic world where you will have to fight zombies that appear on your screen to survive.

This app also has a safe mode feature that stops the zombies from going after you and lets you watch the undead like passive beings existing in the real world. It’s for those who want to experience a real-life zombie apocalypse.

Free or paid: Download Zombies GO! for free from the App Store!

augmented reality apps quiver iphone


Quiver by QuiverVision Limited

Best feature: Quiver is a fun augmented reality app that brings coloured images into life. It creates a 3D animation of coloured drawings with music, by viewing them through the camera while using the app. You can watch, pause and take a closer look at these animations like a real object.

You can freely download the templates from within the app or from its website. Then, colour them in or give them to your kids so they can join in the fun. It’s a wonderful activity that you and your kids can enjoy.

Free or paid: The app is for free at the App Store, and you can download both free and paid templates in-app or from the website.

augmented reality apps wallame iphone


WallaMe by Wallame Ltd

Best feature: How about augmented reality with virtual messaging? WallaMe does just that. Hide secret messages in actual locations with the use of the app. Then tell your friends to download the app and let them find the messages you’ve left.

It can be a fun hide and seek game for you and your friends. But you can create either private messages or public shout-outs for everyone with the app to see. You can even mark the places that you’ve visited using pictures to tell other app users that you’ve been there.

Free or paid: WallaMe is free for download at the App Store!

augmented reality apps find your car with ar augmented reality car finder iphone


Find your Car with AR: Augmented Car Finder by AugmentedWorks

Best feature: Getting back to your parked car can be a nightmare especially when the parking lot is too complex like in huge shopping malls or arenas. Augmented Car Finder doubles as a navigation app specially designed for you to be able to find your parked car.

The app allows you to tag the location of your car before you leave it, and gives you directions and the approximate distance of your car as you get back to it. It’s also helpful for getting back to your seat in a vast, crowded place like a concert hall or stadium. It offers two options for the accuracy of your navigation depending on your preference. It also has an offline feature, so you don’t need an internet connection to use it.

Free or paid: Use Find Your Car with AR for free or avail of the premium for ads-free usage and additional navigation features.

augmented reality apps skyview iphone


SkyView- Explore the Universe by Terminal Eleven LLC

Best feature: Now, if you love star gazing, this is the AR app for you. SkyView points out the constellations in the night sky wherever you are and teaches you about the position of stars in your location.

SkyView also does more than showing constellations; it projects night maps from the past and gives sky predictions for the future. Also, it’s a neat way to track the movement of specific objects in the sky like the planets or the International Space Station. To top it off, it comes with a version for your Apple Watch.

Free or paid: Get SkyView for a low-cost, one-time payment that’s worth it.

augmented reality apps ikea pleace iphone


IKEA Place: Augmented Reality Furnishing by Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

Best feature: Style your house and know how your furniture will look like in your home before buying them. IKEA Place puts life-like 3D models of fixtures and decors from IKEA that you can position anywhere in your room through your iPhone screen. Or it’s just a fun, free way to experiment with interior decorating and home designing.

Free or paid: Download from the App Store for free!

augmented reality apps measurekit iphone


AR MeasureKit: Augmented Reality Ruler Tools by Rinat Khanov

Best feature: Everybody has suddenly needed a measuring tape or ruler at least once in one’s life. This app is a simple yet intuitive way to measure almost anything through your iPhone’s camera. It provides seven kinds of measurements for length, magnetic field, trajectory, distance, corners, height, cube, level, and even facial features. It’s your portable all-around virtual measuring device, so you don’t have to carry around any actual measuring tool.

Free or paid: AR MeasureKit is entirely free at the AppStore.


augmented reality apps google translate iphone


Google Translate by Google, Inc.

AR feature: Google Translate is not entirely an augmented reality app, but it has a feature that works like one. The app can translate the text from photos into different languages. It lets you download countless translations or connect through Wi-Fi to translate the image to innumerable languages.

Free or paid: Enjoy this feature from Google Translate for free!

Here are the best of the augmented reality apps that you can find at the App Store. They’re a break-away from your traditional games and apps, and they will surely make your iPhone more exciting. Try one or try them all, so you can maximise your phone today and have the optimal iPhone user experience.

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